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No appointment is necessary, but you must come at least half an hour before closing if you need same day service. Photos are usually ready within 15 minutes.


If you are not getting a Passport from one of the counties listed below, please be sure to bring the exact requirements from the Country/Government website or passport office (A printout of the requirements document is best to ensure the picture is taken correctly)


We recommend that you wear a different color top than the required background color for your country. (see specific country requirements)

Passport Photos (one pair or digital)



White background 

Canada and E.U.


White background 

Custom Sizes


Background based on specification

Digital File



We guarantee your passport picture

If your passport picture is rejected, Dominion camera will re-take the picture at no change (please provide the rejection letter so we can ensure that the issue is resolved with the new picture).


Dominion Camera does not guaranty pictures not taken by its staff.

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