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Do you have old video Tapes and movies that you want to watch built you do not have a projector or an old Video Player any longer?


Dominion Camera can help you convert your old movies to something exciting so you can bring back your memories and share with your family and friends


Digital Transfers to DVD

We convert VHS/VHS-C, 8/Hi-8 cassettes, and MiniDV and other sizes to DVD

$20.00 per 2hr tape

We convert audio cassettes, and micro cassettes CD Audio

30.00 per tape

We can convert reel to reel tape to CD.

Please call us for a quote


8mm, Super 8 and 16mm to DVD

8mm or super 8 Movie

$0.15 per foot ($30 minimum)

16mm Movie

$0.25 per foot ($30 minimum)


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